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Hello Beautiful Souls!  


I established Creative Healing Connection with a desire to help people connect with their true power!  I believe that healing occurs from a deep connection to our Divine (God) presence, allowing us to understand our true power and who we really are!


I understand very well that life is a challenge to navigate, and that at times it is down right overwhelming! For most of us it's easier to react to the challenges rather than taking a few deep breaths, finding that still point of awareness, and then responding. However, being in a constant state of Reaction over time does negatively impact our body, causing dis-ease.  It all begins with changing how we think and feel, which requires Awareness.

So, how can we choose to be in Awareness verses in Reaction to life's challenges?  How can we heal the trauma, anxiety, depression, fear, pain, and suffering?  To get there, we have to connect with our Divine (God) presence!  Healing can and does happen when we are in alignment with our true power. By consciously letting go and allowing our Divine (God) presence to guide us we can heal the past, stop worrying about the future, and create our best life!


Are you ready to embrace your true power and begin your healing journey?  Are you ready to make a different choice, letting go of the past and stepping into the present moment of your life?  If you answered yes, then you are in the right place!  I am here and ready to help guide you through the process of reconnecting to your true power! 

It is time to start shining your light! Start your healing journey today!


Click on the pictures below to find out more information about the services I provide.

"The most creative Act you will ever undertake is the Act of creating yourself."

Deepak Chopra


Healing Sessions

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Reiki Classes

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Essential Oil Products

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Artwork On CHCArtsandCrafts


"Kim is a tremendously gifted Reiki practitioner and teacher.  I have received Reiki healing sessions from her and also taken her classes (first and second degree) and all my experiences with her have been gratifying.  As a teacher, she takes some of the 'mystery' out of the practice and brings to it warmth, humor, and fun.  If you want to begin your path of Reiki healing, you will absolutely love Kim."

Suzanne R., Austin, TX

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